My Book…

avd-image-largeAnimal, Vegetable, Digital is a project about making connections between digital technology, natural ecologies, and the arts. My book explores how works of digital art provide opportunities for experiencing human-environmental contingency, for demonstrating the human body’s coextension with the environment, for aiding in conservation practices, and for expressing the agency of natural spaces. It makes the argument that digital art, largely excluded from environmental criticism since its inception, has the potential—if not yet perfectly realized—to re-connect us to nature, remind us of our own embodied materiality, and re-affirm our kinship with other living and non-living things. It won the University of Alabama Press’ Elizabeth Agee Manuscript Prize in the field of American literary studies. The book’s companion website is in development, but can be viewed at


Advanced Media Production

Advanced Media Production Lab : The A.M.P. Lab at FAU is a production lab and seminar space for students and faculty within the College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University. The AMP Lab hosts seminars, screenings, lectures, and skill-building workshops (e.g., Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Wikipedia, Final Cut Pro) and serves as a site of interdepartmental collaboration among students and faculty, as well as a place to think about—and work within—the field of emerging media.

AMPLab logo and image design by Rachel Hartnett


Digital Humanities and Social Justice

The Digital Humanities and Social Justice Workshop & Lecture Series

is a year-long research initiative that speaks to a shared commitment to using digital technology responsibly and fostering a critical dialog within the College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University. Topics of discussion include the ethics of incarceration, immigration reform, gender politics and legislation, human rights, environmental action, and the historic complexities of discrimination. Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in the AMP Lab.

Green Games?

Although video games have long provided a convenient scapegoat for environmental apathy, there is a strong trend, growing stronger all the time, of making use of digital technology in general and games in particular to promote environmental and social awareness, to aid in conservation, and to democratize activism.  The “Greening the Game” blog is geared towards classroom use. It serves as an educational forum for an ongoing conversation about how video games are already contributing to environmental awareness, activism, and conservation efforts, as well as how they have untapped potential to intervene even more–both positively and negatively–in the future of eco-critical discourse.