“Monstrous Plants”

This year’s ICFA has been a blast. This is my third time at this conference, and I’m always blown away by how intelligent and friendly the attendees are. There are so many good papers that it would be impossible to mention them all, but there was one that was so smart and so much . . . → Read More: “Monstrous Plants”

Presentations and Talks

(Previous conferences are detailed on my c.v. in pdf)

“The Sublime Nature of Empress & Hierophant–or, Re-mixing Romanticism in Second Life.” International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts. Orlando, FL. March 2014.

(Invited) “Going to Market.” UCSB Comparative Literature Job Market Workshop. October 2013; “On Debates in the Digital Humanities.” Guest Lecture for Professor Catherine . . . → Read More: Presentations and Talks

Science Fiction Across Media

I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of this exciting event in Sweden this spring!
Science Fiction Across Media: Alternative Histories, Alien . . . → Read More: Science Fiction Across Media

Modeling Knowledge Conference

For the past few days I’ve been at the “Knowledge Organization and Data Modeling in the Humanities” workshop in Rhode Island. It’s been a treat to participate in a conversation about some of the most ancient and enduring questions we have as human beings: How do we model the world? How do we . . . → Read More: Modeling Knowledge Conference

Pattern Recognition

Re-reading Pattern Recognition for my presentation at the ACLA in a couple of weeks. Although my presentation focuses upon the novel’s relation to film—in particular, Chris Marker’s La jetée—Pattern Recognition speaks to a vast and inter-related media ecology comprised of words, images, icons, fashion, adverts, watermarks, human labor, sigils, and typewriters (including, hilariously, “Stephen . . . → Read More: Pattern Recognition