Turn of the Screw and “Social Book”

Writing Prompt: In his essay on the uncanny, Sigmund Freud describes the strange sensation one experiences when he or she feels both at home and estranged at the same moment.  For this assignment it is your task to find one passage in your assigned chapter of Turn of the Screw that engages with any of the ideas that Freud expresses in “The Uncanny” and explicate the connection in one-two paragraphs of cleanly written and well organized analytic prose. Note that  you must cite passages from both texts to receive full credit.

SocialBoook Prompt:

1. Open the following link:


2. Create an account if required

3. Find the passage that you identified in your assigned chapter.

4. highlight it by selecting the text

5.  Add a comment about its significance in terms of Freud (this will be a shortened version of your paper).

6. “Post” your comment, making sure that your name is on the post so you get full credit.

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