Cyborg Prompt

The central claim that Donna Haraway makes in her “Manifesto” is that the figure of the cyborg–a portmanteau of the words “cybernetic” and “organism”–offers us a radical new way for to think about what it might mean to be human.  The trouble with this, as she acknowledges, is that the cyborg in the popular imagination is usually hyper violent and militarized (think Robocop) or ridiculously over sexualized (think of any number of so-called “pleasure models” from the annals of science fiction).  Your assignment today is to try to find an image of the cyborg that brings us closer to the model that Haraway has in mind.  Search for about 5 minutes, and, once you’ve located your image, write a short paragraph the explains how, exactly, the image you’ve selected brings us closer to Haraway’s model.  Make sure to include a link to the image you’ve found.  Write your response in the “leave a reply” box below (or, as always, feel free to email me your response).

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