Electronic Literature

Emily Short’s “Galatea”


Assignment–spend 5-10 minutes with each of the following examples of “electronic literature” (time permitting).  As you explore, consider how you would classify these works. How do they fit into your understanding of literature and art? Are they literary? Are they artistic? Are they cinematic? Do you enjoy them? Do you find them frustrating? What about them makes them so? Comment briefly about one or more of them in the space below.

“Dakota” (Flash Animation)

“The Rainbow Factory” (Interactive Flash Animation about how rainbows are made)

“Chemical Landscapes” (images/words)

“Sweet Old Etcetera” (interactive animation)

Dionaea House (mystery hypertext)

Galatea (Interactive Fiction with a talking statue; press enter and when the next screen loads type “help” for instructions)

“Cruising” (Spoken word poetry/animation)

“The Fall of the Site of Marsha” (Hypertext archive of ghostly possession)

“Inanimate Alice” (young adult narrative)

Patatap (experiments in sound-text)

[theHouse] (experimental 3d environment/poem)

“Jabberwocky” (Nonsensical Text Generator)

“slippingglimpse” (interactive animation and poetry)

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