Elegy for a Dead World

As soon as I saw this beautiful game I wanted to play it in my classes. Fortunately,  Steam was generous to give us enough keys to try.   I was personally more interested in getting lost in the visuals than I was in writing, but my students loved it and produced excellent work.  This game is gorgeous, but I recommend it for a more practical reason as well: versatility.  We played in in my Creative Writing SF class, but I now want to try it with Literature and the Environment, Literary Theory, and—if I ever get to teach it—a class on Experimental Narratives. It could work for any course that emphasizes composition, rhetoric, and creative expression.  A big thumb’s up.

Day 1 (15 minutes).  Launch Elegy for a Dead World through Steam.  Spend a little time getting acquainted with the interface.  Review the prompts available.

Day 2 (45 minutes).  Launch Elegy for a Dead World through Steam.  Select your prompt and begin playing-writing.  At each of the 15-minute intervals, you can continue writing within this prompt/world, or you can select another.

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