Evaluating Literary Criticism

1. Write the author, title, and publisher of your article, formatted according to the MLA’s guidelines for the Works Cited. Consult the OWL at Purdue for sample entries and correct formatting guidelines. If there is a link to the article, list it here.

2. In one brief paragraph, summarize the article’s argument and main points.

3. Locate one passage of the article that you want to challenge, support, or complicate. Put this passage in quotation marks and type it up here. Include the page number.

4. Which logical fallacy does the author employ? Write this down. Hasty generalizing is a big problem in literary criticism, as is falling prey to the “Post Hoc” fallacy (also known as correlation is not causation). There are, however, many other possibilities to choose from.

5. In one or two sentences, explain how the fallacy could be corrected.

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