Sometimes I make stuff on my computer. If I’m feeling brave, I’ll rope my students into making stuff with me. They always surprise me with the beautiful things they create. My stuff, on the other hand, is never rarely pretty, logical, or useful.  Often, it doesn’t even work properly, or at least not the way I thought it would when I set out to make it.  In this respect the stuff I make tends to fail both aesthetically and functionally. That’s ok.  I mostly make stuff to learn how stuff gets made or to learn more about how texts get read.  If you are interested in making stuff, too, for whatever reason, here are a couple of places you might enjoy: 1: DiRT (Digital Resource Tools) and 2: Digital Toy Chest for Humanists.   At any rate, here’s my stuff! (If it’s password protected it’s still in the oven.)

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