Location Tracker

I made this “Location Tracker” for William Gibson’s novel Neuromancer for a graduate seminar I took with Alan Liu at UCSB: ENG236: Landscape and the Social Imaginary.

Because Neuromancer is a frenetically paced novel that moves through an overwhelming variety of urban landscapes, this “location tracker” attempts to help orient the reader by offering a succinct “map” of the many physical, virtual, and referential references to place, chapter by chapter. Feel free to report errors and/or omissions to swanstro@gmail.com.

Notes: I used Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and BBedit to make this project. It was a fun project because it was simple in terms of its design. It also helped me visualize in a (mostly) non-verbal way what my reading of the novel had suggested.

The larger project I did for the class is here:

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