Current Projects, Working Groups, and Professional Service

Science Fiction Studies (SFS) (Editor, 2016-present). SFS is a leading journal in the critical analysis of Science Fiction.

Electronic Book Review (Critical Ecologies Thread Editor, 2015-present). Electronic Book Review (ebr) is a peer-reviewed journal of critical writing produced and published by the emergent digital literary network and a proud member of the Open Humanities Press.

MLA Discussion Group on Media and Literature (Elected Member, 2013-2018).  This group organizes panels and other events for the MLA’s annual convention.

Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) (Peer Review Advisor, 2011-present). DHQ is an open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities. Published by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO), DHQ is also a community experiment in journal publication.

The Electronic Literature Directory (Editorial Working Group Member, 2009-Present). The Electronic Literature Directory is a vital resource devoted to the study of electronic literature and a partner of the Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL).

Past Projects, Working Groups, and Professional Service

Science Fiction Studies (SFS) (Editorial Consultant, 2012-2016). SFS is a leading journal in the critical analysis of Science Fiction.

The Agrippa Files (Editor, Archival Documents; Co-Editor, Bibliography) The Agrippa Files is a scholarly site that offers a unique archive of materials related to the creation and early reception of the original art book.

A.M.P. Lab at F.A.U. (Co-P.I., with Drs. Wendy Hinshaw and Barclay Barrios. Florida Atlantic University, 2013-present). The Advanced Media Production Lab serves as a production lab and seminar space for students and faculty within the College of Arts and Letters at Florida Atlantic University. The A.M.P. Lab hosts seminars, screenings, lectures, and skill-building workshops and serves as a site of interdepartmental collaboration among students and faculty.

ARTMargins (Managing Editor, 2007-2008) Founded in 1998, ARTMargins is an on-line journal devoted to contemporary Central and Eastern European visual culture.

Consortium for Literature, Theory, and Culture (Comparative Literature Graduate Representative, 2005-2006) The Consortium brings together faculty and graduate students from the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts at UCSB to advance collaborative research in literary studies.

Digital Humanities and Social Justice (Co-P.I., with Drs. Wendy Hinshaw and Mirya Holman. Florida Atlantic University, 2014-2015).  This collaborative, interdisciplinary research initiative brings together students and faculty at FAU to participate in interactive workshops on the topic of DH & SJ.

New Visions of Nature, Science, and Religion (Graduate Student Researcher, 2004-2005) Ultimately, science and religion both attend to the same ultimate reality, the same biophysical and human nature. By working toward synthesis of contemporary visions of nature, New Visions of Nature, Science and Religion aims to provide an important metaphysical meeting ground for these two great traditions.

Sunspinner (co-editor, 2004-2006)  was a two-year-long experiment in the form of an online literary journal, created and lovingly edited by myself and EM Lewis and designed by Scott Svatos.  With a budget of zero dollars per year, we created four beautiful issues of poetry, fiction, interviews, and reviews, which we continue to archive.

Transliteracies (Project Coordinator / Graduate Student Researcher, 2005-2007) Established in 2005, the Transliteracies Project includes scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and engineering in the University of California system (and in the future other research programs). It will establish working groups to study online reading from different perspectives; bring those groups into conjunction behind a shared technology development initiative; publish research and demonstration software; and train graduate students working at the intersections of the humanistic, social, and technological disciplines.

UC New Media Directory (Contributing Editor, 2006-2007) The area of “new media studies” has recently emerged at the intersection of humanities, arts, social science, and computer science research into digital, networked technologies and their cultural implications. The UC New Media Directory provides a guide to new media researchers and programs in the University of California system, which has invested strategically in this area.

Women Writers Project (XML Intern, Fall 2009) WWP is a long-term research project devoted to early modern women’s writing and electronic text encoding. Its goal is to bring texts by pre-Victorian women writers out of the archive and make them accessible to a wide audience of teachers, students, scholars, and the general reader.

In addition to the above, I serve as an anonymous reader/reviewer for a number of conferences, journals, book publishers, and organizations, including DH2013, DH2012, DH2011, the Electronic Literature Organization, and MELUS, and have volunteered for various community service organizations, including Girls, Inc. (Sarasota, FL); the Adult Literacy Outreach Program (Oxnard, CA); and the Getty Villa (Malibu).


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