Down in the suds.  Feeling sleepy.  The phone rings, startling her.  Wrapped in a towel, she goes to answer.  `No, he's not here, Mrs Tucker.'  Strange.  Married people act pretty funny sometimes.  The baby is awake and screaming.  Dirty, a real mess.  Oh boy, there's a lot of things she'd rather be doing than babysitting in this mad- house.  She decides to wash the baby off in her own bathwater.  She removes her towel, unplugs the tub, lowers the water level so the baby can sit.  Glancing back over her shoulder, she sees Jimmy staring at her.  `Go back to bed, Jimmy.'  `I have to go to the bathroom.'  `Good grief, Jimmy!  It looks like you already have!'  The phone rings.  She doesn't bother with the towel -- what can Jimmy see he hasn't already seen? -- and goes to answer.  `No, Jack, and that's final.'  Sirens, on the TV, as the police move in.  But wasn't that the channel with the love story?  Ambulance maybe.  Get this over with so she can at least catch the news.  `Get those wet pyjamas off, Jimmy, and I'll find clean ones.  Maybe you better get in the tub, too.'  `I think something's wrong with the baby,' he says.  `It's down in the water and it's not swimming or anything.'