8.00.  The babysitter runs water in the tub, combs her hair in front of the bathroom mirror.  There's a western on television, so she lets Jimmy watch it while she gives Bitsy her bath.  But Bitsy doesn't want a bath.  She's angry and crying because she has to be first.  The babysitter tells her if she'll take her bath quickly, she'll let her watch television while Jimmy takes his bath, but it does no good.  The little girl fights to get out of the bathroom, and the babysitter has to squat with her back against the door and forcibly undress the child.  There are better places to babysit.  Both children mind badly, and then, sooner or later, the baby is sure to wake up for a nappy change and more bottle.  The Tuckers do have a good colour TV, though, and she hopes things will be settled down enough to catch the 8.30 pro- gramme.  She thrusts the child into the tub, but she's still screaming and thrashing around.  `Stop it now, Bitsy, or you'll wake the baby!'  `I have to go potty' the child wails, switching tactics.  The babysitter sighs, lifts the girl out of the tub and onto the toilet, getting her skirt and blouse all wet in the process.  She glances at herself in the mirror.  Before she knows it, the girl is off the seat and out of the bathroom.  `Bitsy!  Come back here!'