They're in the bushes, arguing about their next move, when she comes out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel.  They can hear the baby crying.  Then it stops.  They see her running, naked, back to the bathroom like she's scared or something.  `I'm going in after her, man, whether you're with me or not!' Mark whispers and he starts out of the bushes.  But just then, a light comes sweeping up through the yard, as a car swings in the drive.  They hit the dirt, hearts pounding.  `Is it the cops?'  `I don't know!  Do you think they saw us?'  `Sshh!'  A man comes staggering up the walk from the drive, a drink in his hand, stumbles on in the kitchen door and then straight into the bathroom.  `It's Mr Tucker!' Mark whispers.  A scream.  `Let's get outa here, man!'