9.00   Having missed most of the spy show anyway and having little else to do, the

babysitter has washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen up a little.  The books on the refrigerator remind her of her better intentions, but she decides that first she'll see what's next on TV.  In the livingroom, she finds little Bitsy sound asleep on the floor.  She lifts her gently, carries her into her bed, and tucks her in.  `Okay, Jimmy, it's nine o'clock, I've let you stay up, now be a good boy.'  Sullenly, his sleepy eyes glued still to the set, the boy backs out of the room towards his bedroom.  A drama comes on.  She switches chan- nels.  A ballgame and a murder mystery.  She switches back to the drama.  It's a love story of some kind.  A man married to an ageing invalid wife, but in love with a younger girl.  `Use the bathroom and brush your teeth before going to bed, Jimmy!' she calls, but as quickly regrets it, for she hears the baby stir in its crib.