She's just sunk down into the tubful of warm fragrant suds, ready for a nice long soaking, when the phone rings.  Wrapping a towel around her, she goes to answer: no one there.  But now the baby's awake and bawling.  She wonders if that's Jack bothering her all the time.  If it is, brother, that's the end.  Maybe it's the end anyway.  She tries to calm the baby with the half-empty bottle, not wanting to change it until she's finished her bath.  The bathroom's where the diapers go dirty, and they make it stink to high heaven.  `Shush, shush!' she whispers, rocking the crib.  The towel slips away, leaving an airy empty tingle up and down her backside.  Even before she stoops for the towel, even before she turns around, she knows there's somebody behind her.